VS-LSK5931 Inbouw speaker

  • VS-LSK5931 Inbouw speaker
  • VS-LSK5931 Inbouw speaker In gebruik foto
  • VS-LSK5931 Inbouw speaker In gebruik foto
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VS-LSK5931 Inbouw speaker

Visaton VS-LSK5931 productinformatie

The MB 208/H is a compact, high-output speaker. It is equipped with two high-efficiency 20 cm fullrange BG 20 - 8 Ohm 's, working in parallel, and the HTH 8.7 - 8 Ohm tweeter. Apart from being ideal as a monitor speaker for vocals and instruments, in smallish to medium-sized rooms, it is also a good candidate for combining with a good subwoofer (e.g. MB 115/B ) for larger PA events.

As a result of the d Appolito arrangement, less sound is dissipated upwards and downwards. This directional advantage reduces the amount of ceiling and floor reflection in large halls, and will result in better voice transmission and less tendency to feedback. The sound quality of the MB 208/H is extremely high. The sound imbalance often experienced with musicians systems is missing here. In conjunction with the MB 115/B, there is no reason why hi-fi sound quality should not be achieved.

The compact design makes it ideal for transport

• Nominal power handling with high pass:200 W
• Peak power handling with high pass:300 W
• Rated power:80 W
• Maximum power:140 W
• Nominal impedance Z:4 Ohm
• Frequency response:85 - 20000 Hz
• Mean sound pressure level:94 dB (1 W/1 m)
• Cut-off frequency:4500 Hz
• Principle of Housing:Closed
• Net volume:23 L
• Outer dimension height:640 mm
• Outer dimension width:240 mm
• Outer dimension depth:240 mm

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