VS-LSK5966 Inbouw speaker

  • VS-LSK5966 Inbouw speaker
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  • VS-LSK5966 Inbouw speaker In gebruik foto
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Artikelcode: VS-LSK5966
EAN Code: 4007540059662

Merk: Visaton
Fabrikan code: 5966

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VS-LSK5966 Inbouw speaker

Visaton VS-LSK5966 productinformatie

The ALTO I is a 2-way shelf-mounted speaker with a cabinet volume of 13 litres. Apart from the 20 mm tweeter cone, the cabinet contains a 17 cm diameter mid-bass cone.

The sound qualities of the ALTO I are "warm" but with crisp, high-range reproduction.

This kit is ideally suited to replacing the more basic speakers often supplied as standard with low-priced hi-fi systems and thus improving the overall standard of the system.

Since the bass ports are at the front, the ALTO I can be hung on the wall or placed in bookshelves, facilitating good bass response even in rooms with difficult acoustics

• Rated power:60 W
• Maximum power:100 W
• Nominal impedance Z:4 Ohm
• Frequency response:50–22000 Hz
• Mean sound pressure level:83 dB (1 W/1 m)
• Cut-off frequency:3500 Hz
• Principle of Housing:Bassreflex
• Net volume:13 L
• Outer dimension height:380 mm
• Outer dimension width:230 mm
• Outer dimension depth:230 mm

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Product specificaties

Impedantie 4
Mean sound pressure level 83 dB
Music power handling 100 W
Rated power handling 60 W
Transmission max. 22000 Hz
Transmission min. 50 Hz
Transmission reeks 50 Hz...22000 Hz
CalcColHead 11094966