VS-LSK5972 Column speaker alto iii c

  • VS-LSK5972 Column speaker alto iii c
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Artikelcode: VS-LSK5972
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Merk: Visaton
Fabrikan code: 5972

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VS-LSK5972 Column speaker alto iii c

Visaton VS-LSK5972 productinformatie

The ALTO III c has been designed as a 3-way column speaker with an inside volume of no less than 55 litres. The twin bass arrangement using two W 170 S - 8 Ohm drivers in parallel guarantees very powerful low-ranging bass reproduction, that comes across crisply and impressively even with hard-hitting beat.

From around 450 Hz upwards, the 10 cm mid-range cone W 100 S - 4 Ohm takes over, mounted in its 3 litre enclosure. Single instruments and solo voices are reproduced throughout the mid-range in a most tangible, crisp fashion, where the precise definition of virtual sound sources and their associated range layering, so typical for good mid-range cones, comes across well.

Above about 3500 Hz, the sound character is rounded off neatly by the crisp 19 mm tweeter DT 94 - 8 Ohm. The exuberance demonstrated by the ALTO III c promises to put listeners in a good mood and keep them there for several hours of musical pleasure

• Rated power:100 W
• Maximum power:180 W
• Nominal impedance Z:4 Ohm
• Frequency response:35–22000 Hz
• Mean sound pressure level:86 dB (1 W/1 m)
• Cut-off frequency:450/3500 Hz
• Principle of Housing:Bassreflex
• Net volume:44 L + 3 L
• Outer dimension height:1000 mm
• Outer dimension width:230 mm
• Outer dimension depth:300 mm

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Impedantie 4 Ohm

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