1652C-06 Installation tester nin/niv ch

  • 1652C-06 Installation tester nin/niv ch
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1652C-06 Installation tester nin/niv ch

Fluke 1652C-06 productinformatie

For low ohm measurement, continuity check, insulation resistance, earth loop resistance, short circuit current, polarity and RCD testing
Safety - thanks to a new and slim test probe with an integrated test key, it is now possible to effortlessly carry out the tests with one hand
Reliability - FI switches are not triggered by the new measurement method during the earth loop resistance test; also the measurement without interrupting the operation is possible
Very rugged in order to withstand the tough ambient conditions
Big formatted, illuminated display, universal graphic symbols and language support (German, French, Italian, Spanish and English), uncomplicated menu guidance
Protocol creation - Measurement results can be filed in the internal memory, these are then available via the PC, for preparing the client specific reports
Applied standards - EN61557 / VDE 0100 / VDE 0413. Conforms to all the relevant local standards (DIN VDE 0100, NIN / SN SEV 1000, ÖVE/ÖNORM E8001)
1653B and 1654B also includes all functions followed:
RCD type B test (smooth DC currents)
mOhm resolution for Looptest
Memory (up to 1300 test results, 1653B, 1654B)
Measurement Category CAT III 500 V, CAT IV 300 V

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