TI200 9HZ Thermal imager 200 x 150, -20...+650 °c

  • TI200 9HZ Thermal imager 200 x 150, -20...+650 °c
  • TI200 9HZ Thermal imager 200 x 150, -20...+650 °c Product foto
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Artikelcode: TI200 9HZ
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Fabrikan code: FLK-TI200 9HZ

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Warmtebeeld techniek

TI200 9HZ Thermal imager 200 x 150, -20...+650 °c

Fluke TI200 9HZ productinformatie

Infrared cameras equipped with LaserSharpTM Auto Focus
Place the red laser dot on the object you are inspecting, then pull and release the trigger for a perfect in-focus image
One-handed, easy-to-use user interface
High resolution 640x480 capacitive touch screen for quick menu navigation
Digital images to show location or additional site details
Standard and radiometric video recording
Streaming video (USB and HDMI)
Text and voice recording and annotation gets additional details saved with the image file
Faster communication with wireless image transfer directly to your PC, Apple® iPhone® or iPad®
Included SmartView® and SmartView Mobile App Analysis and Reporting Software
Optional interchangeable lenses for greater flexibility
Ti450 with MultiSharp™ Focus

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Product specificaties

Max. temperatuur +650 °C
Min. Temperatuur -20 °C

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