WSM 1C Soldering station 40 w, battery version

  • WSM 1C Soldering station 40 w, battery version
  • WSM 1C Soldering station 40 w, battery version Product foto
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Fabrikan code: WSM 1C SOLDERING ST. W.BATTERY 100V

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WSM 1C Soldering station 40 w, battery version

Weller WSM 1C productinformatie

Small, handy and inexpensive soldering station
WSM 1: Ideal for all users who require a handy and uncomplicated unit for professional work
Thanks to its ESD-safe design, the unit is perfect for use in laboratories, for repairs, servicing and industrial manufacturing systems
Stop+Go function for energy-efficient shutdown of the soldering iron
Touch sensor technology
Special functions menu for customer-specific settings
Temperature locking function
2 individually adjustable fixed temperatures
Equipotential bonding socket
WSM 1C: Same as WSM 1, but with rechargeable battery operation for mobile, wireless use
Up to 1 h of soldering time with a single battery charge
Rechargeable in 20 minutes

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Spanning 230 VAC

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