F1945890 Dvb-t/t2 buitenantenne 47 db uhf

  • F1945890 Dvb-t/t2 buitenantenne 47 db uhf
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F1945890 Dvb-t/t2 buitenantenne 47 db uhf

Televés F1945890 productinformatie

Now with a lock for the new LTE band (21-48) and with the new T-force circuits. Three new European patents are behind the new DAT-HD boss with his built-in Boss technology and AGC (Automatic Gain Control). You can rightly call it the market's first intelligent antenna. Weak signals are getting stronger, while strong signals are muted. The amplifier of extreme low-noise type is built into the antenna housing. This is of course the place where the amplifier makes the greatest possible use. Top sellers DAT-HD-Boss is available as UHF, but also as Combi. In addition to all unique distributors, you get in the combi model as well VHF band in the same antenna. The built-in low noise amplifier has signal bypass. No voltage means that the antenna works passively. 12-24 volts gives and active antenna with AGC. Of course in an HF-tight house. In the HF-tight house there is a 4-layer amplifier card with advanced automatic AGC. This means that the antenna always provides maximum performance regardless of whether the signal is short or too strong. We call this BOSS technology (Balanced Output Signal System).

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Product specificaties

Versterking 47 dB
Ruisgetal 1.2 dB
Kleur Zilver/Oranje
Materiaal Aluminium
Type Actief
Lengte 1000-1100 mm
Toepassing DVB-T/T2
Ingangsspanning 12 V
Ingangsspanning 24 V
Stroomverbruik indien ingeschakeld 40 mA
Impedantie 75 Ohm
Frequentiebereik 470 - 698 MHz
Type signaal UHF
Kenmerk LTE-Filter
Aantal elementen 75
Windbelasting 194 N

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